Back from oversea

I have spent a few weeks at USA again, I had excelent time there. For some reason I fallen in love with the US countryside, especially the southern part of it. Finally I could try out the surfing at Cocoa Beach, that was an incredible experience, we spent the whole day in the ocean, I will never forget it. After a few days what we spent in Orlando we started to discover the northern part of Florida, we visited Daytona, Tampa, Jacksonville, Auburndale, St. Petersburg and a very special city, St. Augustine, the oldest town in the states, like in a fairy tale after the big sky scraped cities, unbelievable, really. 
Fortunatelly I had chance to buy some stuffs to my bug too, so it wasn't just a holyday but something about the american vintage VW scene too, we visited a local meeting near to Tampa and saw a lot of fantastic cars there. All in all US is a wonderfull place to make a holyday, this was my second time there but hopefully not the last.
Here are some pictures about my trip:

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