The interior is painted!

    So this moment finally has came. Hard to belive that we are reached this phase after a so lengthy and painfull journey! The interior, trunk and engine bay are painted along with some small parts (dashboard grills, tail light housing, radio plate off, etc.). I could not resist to put together the snowflakes immediately, they look stunning in their shiny new coat and with nos Hella lenses together with rechromed rings and brand new bearings! 

    Next is the rest of the body, the car is going to be delivered soon to the painting chamber where it will get the final twicking and preparation and of course the finishing coats as well. It won't be a show and shine car for sure, the body work would not let us to get to that level, probably it won't win any prize or praise, but fuck it, let it be usable and fun even with its many issues and ugly details. 

    Once the paintjob will have been done we would deliver the pan to a shop to get a refurbinished break system (it got old and drain during the long stand by period) as well as the periodically accurate chromed pedals, painted gearshifter and handbreak. 



I didn't post for a long time, again. The reason to keep such a long period between two posts does not root in laziness or lack of progress. It is rather just caused by lack of time, energy and actual photoes. I'm gonna try to share more often and with actually interesting content I promise. 

Now, for this post, I brought some pictures of the body which getting into shape nicely. I finished some interior issues and some fixes been carried out too. It's now waiting the final touch and the paint. The rest still needs some care and love but only some minor things are left out before it can get the finish.

The first cans of paint are already ordered, quiet exciting even to think to see it in color for after such a long and painful wait!