Project restart and status report

 Many shit has happened since the last post both locally and globally. Let's start with the positive things, the formerly mentioned, personal issue had been fixed and the family has come out from the situation stronger than ever. Hopefully not again we will face with such a challenge! Then after the covid19 global shitstorm has risen and lasts still. There were periods when I did not even leave the house for weeks and did not have a personal conversation with an other human being. What a fucked up year and a half we have behind us! To top it I moved to abroad and limited myself in traveling even further, probably the worst time to chose for an adventure :D 

Anyway as of now I can see a bit more clearly and bravely can say that some progress is on the making. Last year my father had managed the fixing of the fenders, two brand new light buckets been installed and some minor fixes been carried out. Now the headlights can be fittend into the fenders without any issue. The body has five-six tiny issues what need to be resolved in the bodyshop, then the preparation for painting can start. I have high hopes for doing it in the next weeks so the painting can happen in early autumn. Fingers crossed!


Temporary build break

Unfortunately the weather and some other, rather personal unforeseen things blocked us from further development of the bug so we put it on hold for the winter. Most probably we will be able to proceed with some minor things in the coming weeks but nothing serious tho. I am still waiting for some tools and parts too. Anyway I am satisfied with the year behind us, we did more on the bug than anybody in the last three years. To be continued.


Bumper work

Did not have much time to spend on the bug, but tried to make some progress. I have read about a method of chrome cleaning with steel wool and coke. I was a bit skeptic, yet could not loose much besides a few hours of diving in coke. So I picked up the front bumper and soaked a piece of wool in coke, rub and rub and rub until the result became surprisingly good and it was the dirtier one, the rear bumper will be even better I suspect.

After the process

As the bumper "shined" before we start


Dashboard and trunk adjustments

At the weekend we finalized the dashboard and finally cut the cigarette lighter's hole on it. Look stunning when all the ivory knobs are fit to it. After this lifting moment we switched to the trunk adjustments, that was horrible. The right  side of it was up at the edge while the left was just in okish position. When we moved the right to the proper position the other side fucked up and vice versa. At the end of a sever hour of struggle we reached the state of "fuck it, it cannot be better". To be honest it still looks ugly yet at least in an acceptable way...next step is the welding!


Horn grills are done

Yeah, not much but at least somethin' has happened again. I cut the grillholes to their original shape, look fine.


One more tiny step further

The last two days we placed the shims between the door hinges, the result is more or less acceptable, we also adjusted the doors with the aforementioned "tight the bolts right" game. I think we cannot do more with 'em in the current set.

Also spent some time on the dashboard and the interior, it was rather a try to fit some shit and see it still ok or not. So we put the seats in and surprice, surprice they are fit well.

My brother start to get all the necessary stuffs to put the putty on!

This door is fearly ok, the top is a bit out on this pic but was adjusted.
The left one tho...

The left taillight is a bit too low, we need to reset the holes on fender too

The horn grills are still waiting to be cut...