Happy Halloween

Instead of going to trick or threat fanzy I spent some time on the assembly again. I installed the lock mechanism in both the doors together with the remotes. Was not fun at all, I could not adjust the doors yet as the body is not yet finalized on the pan. 

To have some uplifting and mental helth preservation moments too I put on one of the fenders. Looks cool and gives the car some form at last. I also installed the steering column and trunk hatch as well. 


Steering wheeeeeeeel


Test fit with the original bushing

Some polished and painted parts for the doors

The assembled steering wheel. I like the way it turned out. Not perfect, but way better than I anticipated.



 A little painting and assembly. The handbrake and turnsignal are still left to do, but the rest looks stuning. I especially like the steering lock, it was fun to finally finish it.

A quick morning fix before the painting.

Test fit right before the base coat.
During assembly

The finished piece

From the front. It turns like a dream, the key is a temporary one, made by a locksmith since the original one has been lost ages ago by the previous owner


Small steps forward

 I did not have much time in the last weeks so the progress is small but at least not zero. Hood is getting together fine, I mounted the lock and handle together with the trim and crest. I also started to put on the sealings. 


Some progress on the assembly

Since the weather has turned to spring/summer I also allocated some time to spend in the garrage. I started to assembling the bug and had some small progress on the dashboard. It is uplifting to see how beautiful it get together, it again confirmed that the color selection went very well, the mango and chorome are the perfect match! 

I also put on some sealing and door locks but missed to take pictures. Next bit step is the new brak system and the refurbinishing/assembling of the stearing mechanism. I try to speed up with it a bit and put it back to road this year.