Project restart and status report

 Many shit has happened since the last post both locally and globally. Let's start with the positive things, the formerly mentioned, personal issue had been fixed and the family has come out from the situation stronger than ever. Hopefully not again we will face with such a challenge! Then after the covid19 global shitstorm has risen and lasts still. There were periods when I did not even leave the house for weeks and did not have a personal conversation with an other human being. What a fucked up year and a half we have behind us! To top it I moved to abroad and limited myself in traveling even further, probably the worst time to chose for an adventure :D 

Anyway as of now I can see a bit more clearly and bravely can say that some progress is on the making. Last year my father had managed the fixing of the fenders, two brand new light buckets been installed and some minor fixes been carried out. Now the headlights can be fittend into the fenders without any issue. The body has five-six tiny issues what need to be resolved in the bodyshop, then the preparation for painting can start. I have high hopes for doing it in the next weeks so the painting can happen in early autumn. Fingers crossed!