Just a joke what I made at the weekend, hopefully I won't have to use as a decal on my bug :)


Little retrospective

At 2010 we visited the Belgian Le Bug Show in Spa. That was our first big west european meeting. We couldn't stop to turning our heads to the cars and events. The atmosphere of the race way and the enviroment together with the best quality european aircooled VWs made an unforgottable weekend for us. I can remember when we just arrived to the camp side and only a few cars were there by the time, after a couple of ours the mass just started to arrive, that was an incredible moment, endless line of excellent bugs, busses and co. Here I would like to share some pictures about us not the event plus a video what recorded during the show by my brother and me.

Our base is behind the tires

My brother checks a splity

'united we stand (together we walk)'

My brother and a barndoor

Let's chillin'

Wheeler Dealer, Csillag Gabi and me


Windshield wiper

I have finished the wiper machine of my '61 bug. It got a powdercoated finish, refurnished electricity, polished house and NOS SWF wiper shafts. The arms and blades are also NOS SWF parts. The wiper link bushings are made by heavy plastic based on my brother's blue prints. Now it works and looks excellent.

My brother and me were dealing with a new beer shelf at last weekend, it dedicated to the belgian and trappist beers only.

Back from oversea

I have spent a few weeks at USA again, I had excelent time there. For some reason I fallen in love with the US countryside, especially the southern part of it. Finally I could try out the surfing at Cocoa Beach, that was an incredible experience, we spent the whole day in the ocean, I will never forget it. After a few days what we spent in Orlando we started to discover the northern part of Florida, we visited Daytona, Tampa, Jacksonville, Auburndale, St. Petersburg and a very special city, St. Augustine, the oldest town in the states, like in a fairy tale after the big sky scraped cities, unbelievable, really. 
Fortunatelly I had chance to buy some stuffs to my bug too, so it wasn't just a holyday but something about the american vintage VW scene too, we visited a local meeting near to Tampa and saw a lot of fantastic cars there. All in all US is a wonderfull place to make a holyday, this was my second time there but hopefully not the last.
Here are some pictures about my trip: