Two weeks ago we spent an incredible weekend at Chimay. The weather wasn't the best at saturday but that was the only negative. The beers the city and its courtyard were awesome. Of course we were checking the new and old bugs and buses as well, fortunatelly a lot of fan came to visit EBI and show their cars. At the end of the show we continued our journey to Paris towards some belgian abbey and the coast of France. We spent a night and day in the capital of France, checked the most important turist attractions and bought some local craft beers. After we left Paris we put Zurich on the GPS as next destination but before we could reach the city we stopped in a quiet nice town near to the France-Swiss border. As the last station we visited our friend in Zurich, drunk some local brewed beer (I have to say something is wrong with it :) ) and tried to sleep in a bathroom (literally :) ) after 10 days and 4500 Km we arrived back to our beloved city, Szombathely. That was a long and tiring trip but it worth all the minutes and money. Next year new targets!

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